Science quiz
Science Quiz

  1. Answer the next questions according to the topics you studied in class:
    1. what is homeostasis?
      1. a name
      2. a specie
      3. the regulation of an organism's internal environment to maintain conditions suitable fot its survival
      4. a process that an organism use to survive in extremely dificult conditions

    2. what is a niche?
      1. a music group
      2. the strategies that an organism use to survive
      3. the food that organisms like to eat the most
      4. the place were an organism live

    3. what are the 4 steps of the scientific method?
      1. think, take notes, think more, let the rest of the work to your friends
      2. experminet, observe, hyphotesis, theory
      3. observe, hypothesis, experiment, theory
      4. born, eat, reproduce, die

    4. can technology solve all problems?
      1. yes, but not all times
      2. no
      3. maybe, it depends.
      4. this question is out of my understanding

    5. what are the levels of organization?
      1. organism, population, biological comunity, biosphere, ecosystem
      2. bedroom, living room, kitchen, garage, garden
      3. marine, continental, atmosphere, underground, submarine
      4. vertebrates, oomnivors, carnivors, herbivores, invertebrates

    6. what is an organism?
      1. a word
      2. a non-living thing
      3. a living thing that have all the characteristics of life
      4. a secret code

  2. Answer true or false:
    1. an organism is:
      1. a rock (F) or (V)
      2. a bird (F) or (V)
      3. fungi (F) or (V)
      4. a planet (F) or (V)